Hi I’m Akiko, the creator of Plant-Based Matters where you find authentic & unique Japanese vegan recipes, Japanese fusion recipes and more! I’m the recipe developer & food stylist in other words, the brains of the Plant-Based Matters which is co-operated with my husband, Peter, the photographer.

Welcome to Plant-Based Matters!

What you find on plantbasedmatters.net are the recipes of what the Japanese really eat at home! In other words, you won’t find “teriyaki tofu” or “rainbow sushi roll” type of food on my blog.

Most of my vegan Japanese recipes are what I grew up eating but now with a vegan twist! Majority of them are home-style & comfort food just as how my mom would cook for my family and some are the food that I remember eating outside my home.

All the vegan Japanese recipes you will find here have a story and/or memories of my childhood in Japan. What I do here is to recreate them as I go down my entire life’s memory food lane.

I really enjoy the process of taking the time to prepare my food. My mom would teach me to eat properly and appreciate every meal I eat. It doesn’t have to be a feast at a fancy dinner. It can be a very simple meal such as rice, miso soup and pickles but always eat right; serve on real tableware (no paper plates and disposal utensils), sit at the table, eat as a family, eat just enough and don’t waste any!

That’s the food philosophy that I live by and it’s one of the most important part of my everyday life.

Did you know a lot of traditional Japanese dishes are naturally vegan? I have a lot of vegetable-focused authentic vegan Japanese recipes that you may never knew existed.

Oh, I don’t just cook Japanese food focused on rice, noodles and veggies! I make awesome vegan Italian pasta recipes, too! Speaking of pasta, you don’t want to miss my Japanese-fusion pasta recipes that are truly amazing! If you’re looking for original and unique combinations of flavor, you’re in the right place!

Outside of my kitchen, I’m actually a professional violinist. The appreciation of music has a major impact on my life as well as the vegan recipes that I create!