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  • Thrive Magazine Vol. 28 | 5-page feature on “Food Hacks + Savory Favs”
  • Thrive Magazine Vol. 30 | 7-page feature

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=Know the perks of your favorite grocery store=

…Stores usually offer promotions and deals that aren’t advertised — and sometimes offer the opportunity to try items before you purchase. Peter and Akiko, bloggers behind the Instagram account @plantbased_matters, discovered this while shopping at Whole Foods. “At Whole Foods, most people are unaware that if you spot an item under $9.99 that you’ve never tried before, they can let you try it out for free,” Peter says. “Also, we found out that most things sold there can net you a 10 percent discount if you buy in bulk. For example, if you planned to purchase five of your favorite wines, you should get one more and buy six — you’ll get 10 percent off the entire cost.” Whole Foods has a number of these shopping secrets that are often overlooked. Of course, every grocery store has different deals and policies. Ask one of the employees at your favorite grocery store what kinds of things they offer for people looking to try a new product or looking to stock up on bulk purchases……